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My group is a bionicle fan club, you can post bionicle OCs and FCs, Drawing bionicle art and anything to do with bionicle, even nostalgia.
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Hello everyone, I'm writing this to tell you all about what I just got from Lego Team.

Basically I wrote them an email asking about will there be any chance that both Bionicle and Hero Factory would return in the future and this is what I got as an answer:

See the last segment of the letter, they said they will consider returning it if a lot of fans go and ask for them to bring back those themes in the future. Lets unite as the fans we are and fight for what we want. Both HF and Bionicle Gen2 have SO much potential that it's ridiculous how little it is being translated into the story that both lines got. This comes from the person who was a fan ever since '02. Yeah, I'm not ashamed of liking Hero Factory either. Better an original IP than overpriced Star Wars licensed figures.

Come on guys, go and write them an email that you want it to come back, both Bionicle and HF. Or not both, it's your choice. Now here is why I think Hero Factory SHOULD come back. The story wasn't actually that bad, everyone just hated it how it changed the building system, that in my opinion is much much better than Technic one. Sets were amazing, especially from the early years like Von Nebula, Fire Lord (he was decent), Scorpio, Rocka XL, Witch Doctor (ohmygod this was literally one of the best sets the line got), etc. And since we did end up having a ton of cliff hangers, Christian Faber explained it why they did that on his blog recently. Here is the link:… it would be nice to see it get finished. Hero Factory has so much potential. Books nor the episodes weren't bad, it's just that the Bionicle fans were mad that it ended and got replaced with a "cheap" copy.  

I love both lines and I do want to see them both end properly. While Bionicle Gen2 ending wasn't actually bad, it was just how they got sent away that made it surprisingly horrible. But hey, I'll take anything but the Stars ending.

Please spread the word and hopefully the Team will bring the line(s) back.

Thank you for reading. ~TheTDChronicler
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This group is ridiculous,I've waited days for my deviation to be accepted with no answer as to why or how.
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I'm the only active moderator who is in charge of approving the deviations, other 2 are not which sucks.

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You should feature a comment or post a journal informing people.
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Admirable, yes. But doesn't that weigh heavy on you?

I'll comment on my submissions saying which folder I'd like them to go in. That should make things easier, I hope.

Hopefully, one day, this group can return to full strength.
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Is this group dead?
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If the staff are swamped, then they should extend the shelf life of pending submissions.
ZeldaTheSwordsman Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016
And it happened again! The staff of this club hereby have one week to convince me to stay.
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Of the several admins, only one is active! :nuu: Two votes are required to approve. :faint:
But there is a solution! Do not fret! :happybounce:
Submit your deviations to the Hero Factory folder. Only a single vote is needed, and the one admin can move said deviation to the appropriate folder. Commenting which folder you desire helps! ;)
I am but a humble member, but this system works.
This group is understaffed dramatically.
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If it's that bad they should either recruit a new admin or take a chance on auto-approval
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The Dark Hunters couldn't stop me from learning all their secrets. The Brotherhood of Makuta's shadows couldn't hide the truth. And the Order of Mata Nui couldn't blind me with their light. I've seen a world where Mata Nui died, where Makuta were filled with Light. I've seen Matoran turn on their fellows only to unite later on. I know what lies within the Red Star. And I withstood the horror of the true Khazarni. I walked the lands of Bota Magna, Aqua Magna, and Bara Magna. I knew the Elemental Lords and spoke with the Great Beings. I saw a world divided by greed and made whole through teamwork. I've watched gods fall and be thrown down. I was there at the beginning, and I'll be there for the very end. Suffice to say I know a large portion of Bionicle.
BionicleAccount Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Does anyone here know TamanisCookies? They just posted a suicide note, and I don't know what to do. I don't know them, so I don't have any information on where they live of how to contact them, and they closed their account. If anyone has any information please contact a suicide hotline and report them.…
TomZoner Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Hobbyist
Greetings, fellow Bionicle fans! Although I wasn't successful trying to arrange a Bionicle 15th anniversary collaboration, I did create a tribute of my own! I hope you guys like it. =)
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